Winning Hearts and Minds
Employees sing and dance, raising their voices to the skies, with the company’s name on their lips. Another day, another strike in corporate South Africa? In fact, the opposite: this is another of Lance Bloch & Associates innovative training workshops, winning hearts and minds so the company and all who serve it may grow. Read more about Building Top Level Teams

Full HR, ER & Training

Would you like to have a company or organisation where workshops and trainings undertaken are exciting, participative, never to be forgotten, adding value to the people as well as the bottom line and build sustainability in the organisation?...READ MORE

Health & Wellness

Would you like to have a company or organisation where employees and managers turn up each day with a passion for their work, their teams and their company, express fun and joy and work hard and smart?...READ MORE

Culture-Based Safety

Would you like to have a company or organisation where safety compliance is a natural behaviour and attitude, because all employees take responsibility and care of themselves and others in work environments where there may be danger?...READ MORE


Clinical Psychologist Lance Bloch, named JCI 1996 'Outstanding Young Person of the World' for helping reconcile previously warring armies, is recognised as one of the foremost consultants in South Africa in the areas of Building Workplace Community, Diversity, Leadership Development, Personal Development and Coaching, Change Management and Transformation, and the originator of the '4th Wave': Culture-Based Behavioural Safety.  In addition, both corporates and government, from shop floor to top management, rate him highly for his innovative experiential training and assessment methodology.  He has been a keynote speaker at Servant Leadership conferences in the USA, UK and South Africa...READ MORE.


“This has been by far the best and most valuable course I have ever done. This CAN make a difference in the world!” Carina Wood, Chief SocialWorker -  SANDF

"There were two people that I wanted to meet if I could in South Africa: you and Nelson Mandela!" - Tommy Nelson, Senior Leadership Consultant, Lifeplan, Brazil.