“Commitment becomes contagious. One person might be inspired and improve individually, but when a team is inspired, growth takes on a life of its own. They learn together, and return together to the workplace -ready to unleash positive change throughout your organisation.” Tom Peters, Management guru


Is your organisation an example of harmony, where all employees are passionate about customer service and their work? Probably not. Cultural and racial conflict (often very subtle), negativity and low motivation and morale amongst employees, poor teamwork, high levels of stress, bullying by insecure managers, too high absenteeism: these are all symptoms of most modern workplaces. Figures show that these can reduce productivity by up to 40%. This is hardly a desirable situation, yet it is one seemingly taken as a given by most companies and organisations. Employment Equity and other changes, if poorly handled, have the potential to further polarise workplaces. Yet, this does not have to be the story at all. Lance Bloch & Associates has developed a winning process, based on years of experience in the South African marketplace, which results show can make a major difference in making your workplace happier, more integrated and more profitable. This process we have called “Building Workplace Community”, which is also essential for organisations to ensure success of their Employment Equity programmes.


A company or team is in a state of Workplace Community when its members are able to be totally committed to each other and the organisation. Their energy, usually bound up in conflict and negativity, has been freed to allow them to be creative, dynamic, and fully effective and efficient. Much research now shows, in fact, that such participative workplaces, are one of the most important factors in increased productivity. Huselid, for example, shows that productivity in such environments can improve by at least 16%. We were able, for example, to reduce errors by a leading bank’s IT division by almost 90%, a result maintained over a period of at least 2 years. Building Workplace Community is thus impactful and powerful, and lasting.


Depending on the size of the company, BWC is a transformative process that takes place over 3-6 months or more, and ensures deep and lasting change that is built into the corporate culture and strategic programme of the organisation.

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