What do leading management gurus such as Ken Blanchard, Margaret Wheatley, Peter Block, Steven Covey, Max DePree, Peter Drucker and M. Scott Peck have in common?? They all have explicitly or implicitly been influenced by the writings of Robert K. Greenleaf about Servant Leadership. As opposed to the clear greed and egoism shown recently by many corporate leaders in the USA and elsewhere, the “difference manifests itself in the care taken by the servant leader to make sure that other people’s highest priorities are being served.” According to Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines (one of the top 5 US desirable companies to work for, and the only airline company that did not retrench after Sept. 11th):
And, sure enough, companies based on Servant Leadership principles in the USA in 2000 had 50% greater profit than non-SL companies.

Lance last year compiled a groundbreaking highly experiential 3 day workshop on Servant Leadership -written specifically for the African and South African context-, but adaptable to anywhere in the world-, which can also be run in 2 day or 3-4 hour modules. This is for management. However, considering that leadership capacity is inherent in all of us, there is also a 1-2 day version for all staff, down to shop-floor level. This was run highly successfully for the whole of Multimed in August 2003, for example followed by a 2-day program for managers.

Lance was honoured to be invited to make a 4 hour interactive and experiential presentation, the longest by any speaker, at the inaugural conference of the Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leadership for Southern Africa in May 2002. As a result of the enthusiasm with which his presentation was received, he was asked to join the Greenleaf Board, which has now constituted itself as a company with Lance a director in charge of training and development. The Centre has an aim of bringing the Servant Leadership model and philosophy -absolutely essential in today’s world- into the mainstream of corporate, governmental and community leadership practices. Lance as mentioned earlier, was invited to present on “Servant Leadership in South Africa – Lessons for the World” at the international Conference in Indianapolis last year in June, and as the keynote speaker at the Greenleaf Centre UK conference last November.

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