HR/ER & Training

LBA offers the full IR and HR function on an consulting/training or retainer basis.

These can be taken either as stand-alones, or as part of an overall Consulting or Training process in several stages, depending on your needs. We prefer to build an ongoing relationship with companies, which may last for many months or years of continual growth and development:





A highly successful racially unbiased method of assessing and selecting the right, best fit candidates for hiring or promotion eg Supervisors for Jetmaster, Journalists for Independent Newspapers.

Our methodology is very participative, experiential and fun, using both indoor and outdoor experiences as learning tools to achieve the desired outcomes. We are continually told that we are able to get through to staff at all levels in ways that few other trainers can, through our innovative African approach: using singing, dancing, storytelling and mind-changing exercises to move and involve everybody. We thus work effectively with all employees, from shop floor to Exco and in-between. Our experienced, mostly Black facitilators speak most of SA’s languages and can translate where necessary, to ensure full participation.

Photo-Gallery- Major Success at Blyvoor Gold

LBA has achieved the ‘impossible’- AMCU, NUM, UASA and management building real peace at Blyvoor Gold

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