Driving with a blindfold is not easy at the best of times! Yet that is what was one of the skills required of top managers of Spoornet Strategy & Systems Department, on a Leadership Development workshop in the Waterberg. IN addition, all approximately 260 members of the department were taken through a 3 day Building Workplace Community workshop, 20 at a time, at Orion Safari Lodge in Rustenburg, where we have an outdoor course built – including exercises such as the Spiders Web, The Great Wall (a 15 foot high wall which has to be crossed by all) and the Yellow Brick Road, a puzzle which tests teams’ abilities to identify problems and learn from them.

Miriam Mkhwane, HR Manager, noticed that after the workshops -apart from a general increase in morale, departmental problem solving and enthusiasm – there were noticeable changes in self-esteem, with previously quiet and shy employees performing unexpectedly well in promotional interviews.

Post-workshop ratings by employees: Approximately 80% Excellent, 19% Good, 1% Average

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